924403324_m.gifToday we’re sharing some preconception tips for the smart mama-to-be (no matter what number child you’re trying for!) from our book Preconception Plain & Simple – A Deliciously Smart and Sexy Guide in Preparing for Pregnancy.

Since we all love desserts, we started there. (And don’t forget to count yourself as a dessert too!)

Oh, yes! This “dangerous” little pleasure, chocolate is loaded with the stimulant Phenylethylamine (PEA – an endogenous neuroamine/antidepressant), and therefore chocolate does it all… from increasing energy, to exciting excitement, to stimulating sexual arousal and pleasure! Perhaps chocolate should just be the entire meal!? And as a touch of magic, some believe that green M&M’s in particular are lusty little aphrodisiacs. Hey… green does mean go!

Tidbit: Ever wonder why women are the ones who crave chocolate? Studies suggest that women are more affected by the “magic” of Phenylethylamine. Who cares if we can’t pronounce it!?… as long as it makes us feel really, really, really happy!

Have you ever seen an éclair? Held one? Eaten one? The shape? Hmmm… Anyway, as far back as the Middle Ages, Liebesknochen (translated – “bone of love”), otherwise known as éclairs, were baked and eaten and enjoyed as part of fertility customs. Wonder why!?

LICORICE (Black only!)
Licorice!? Honestly… when was the last time you even thought of licorice? But this long “bad boy” is known to enhance erectile function! And while feeding it to your husband… as hard as it may be to believe, consider that the combined aromas of licorice and cucumber are reputed to increase vaginal blood flow as well. So stock up on both licorice and cucumbers… for your dessert pleasures!

Tidbit: The word licorice means sweet root (ooh la la)! Even the ancient Hindus used licorice (mixed with milk and sugar) to increase sexual prowess. But, in our opinion, the Irish have the best name for licorice – “Madien Milis” – translated, this means sugar stick.

The scent of any home-cooked pie may send your husband “coming” (pun intended)… but pumpkin pie, abundant in phosphorus, is known to increase penile blood flow by up to 40%! And according to Dr. Alan Hirsch, at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, “The combination of pumpkin pie and lavender boots penile blood flow” as well. According to Dr. Hirsch, these smells “may trigger feelings of comfort, security and nostalgia, which can lower anxiety, a major mood breaker.” Just be prepared for neighbors’ inquiries as to the constantly wafting pumpkin pie aromas coming from your home all year long!

Like its lusty friend chocolate, vanilla is known to attract the opposite sex. Vanilla’s scent in particular not only calms and relaxes, but it also acts as a powerful and mysterious erotic sex enhancer. Experiment with your vanilla… ice cream cones (oh, my!), candies, smoothies, vanilla extract baths, candles, or all of the above… simultaneously!


Sharon and Audrey are the mother-daughter co-authors of Preconception Plain & Simple – A Deliciously Smart and Sexy Guide in Preparing for Pregnancy. They own Pinks & Blues with their daughter/sister Jane.