Every Christmas my boys and I make Christmas ornaments. One of my all-time favorites is the child’s hand print Santa. We made these ornaments six years ago, and I still smile a really big smile when they are unboxed. It has become a tradition to compare the Santa hand print ornaments with their hands to see just how much they’ve grown over the years.

In order to make your child’s hand print Santa ornament, you will need:

* a sheet of red craft foam large enough to trace your child’s hand onto
* a small piece of pink craft foam
* a small piece of white felt large enough to trace your child’s hand onto
* one small white pompom
* two little wiggly craft eyes (I think that’s a technical term.)
* glue
* red marker
* one pipe cleaner, your choice of color
* a one hole paper punch

Trace your child’s hand onto the piece of red craft foam. If your child is young and it is difficult to hold his hand steady in order to trace, first trace his hand onto a piece of paper. You can then use the cut out paper hand to trace onto the red craft foam. This simply prevents a lot of stray marks on the red craft foam. Believe me, as a mom of four sons, I know me some tricks…just ask.

Take the cut out red craft foam hand and trace it onto the piece of white felt. You will need to trim this down to fingers only for use as Santa’s beard. Also from the white felt, cut out a strip to be the fuzzy edge of Santa’s hat. (see photo for guidance)

From the pink craft foam, cut an oval to size to fit on the palm of your child’s hand print. This is Santa’s face. (see photo for guidance)

As necessary, trim all pieces to fit onto your child’s hand print and glue into place. (See the above photo for placement of each piece.) Use the red marker to add Santa’s rosy red nose. With the one hole paper punch, punch one hole near the top of Santa’s hat. Insert the pipe cleaner through the hole and bend into a hook as an ornament hanger.

Now you have an adorable Christmas tree ornament and a keepsake of your child’s hand.

Questions? Leave a comment and ask or email me at melodyspins[at]gmail[dot]com.

Remember, the most important part of any activity with you child is having fun. Perfection is never the goal.


(For an extra large picture of the ornament, click here!)

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