I saw this excellent idea for a “Question Jar” over at Mommy | Mother:

Besides asking your children “How was your day?” or “What did you learn at school?” at the dinner table, try some new questions drawn from The Question Jar.

These questions are about feelings and situations. Parents should give their answers, also, so everyone shares. Helping your child to understand and express their feelings and emotions is one of the best things you can do as a parent.

Just type up whatever questions you want on the computer, print them out, cut them up and stick them in the jar.

Here’s a few suggested questions to get you started:

What is one of your fears?
Tell about a time when you found it hard to be honest.
How do you feel when someone teases you?
Have you ever been blamed for something you did not do?
Tell about a time when you had courage.
What do you do when you feel sad?
When do you feel left out?
What do you do when you want attention?
When do you feel embarrassed?
What is something you are sorry for?
When do you feel nervous?
Whose advice do you listen to?
Do you like yourself? Why?
Tell about one of your disappointments.
What responsibilities do you think adults have?
How do you feel about secrets?
Tell about a mistake you have made.
Tell about a time when someone helped you.
When do you feel happy?
What do you worry about?
When do you feel grouchy?
How would you describe a good friend?
What are some of you talents?
Have you ever tried to cheer someone up? How?
How can you tell if someone is not listening to you?

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