Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there! What a glorious weekend to celebrate!

It’s funny how most mothers say “every day is Mother’s Day” for them… and that they “don’t need one specific day to celebrate” themselves…

But it is special to have one day each year that is especially reserved for celebrating Mothers. Mothers of all kinds. Mothers young and old. Mothers of babies, teenagers and adults. Mothers of pets. Godmothers. Grandmas. Nanas. Aunts. And women that take on the role as “Mom” in your life.

That’s right, every kind of mother.

But it got us thinking… How did Mother’s Day actually begin? What is the history behind Mother’s Day?

Well, we found the answer at Mother’s Day Central.

Mother’s Day Central is a website that you must check out. This amazing website celebrates mothers, all year long. It is just full of interesting and insightful information about Mother’s Day… and also shares information about phenomenal and special women and mothers throughout history.

Take some time to sit and peruse Mother’s Day Central. It will bring you such appreciation for motherhood.

And again, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! We hope you have a day of relaxing with your loved ones… and maybe a little pampering.

– Audrey, Jane and Sharon