Most people will answer a resounding, “YES!” to the question –

“Do you need to jump-start your fitness motivation?”

Especially with bathing suit season in full-swing, it’s time to get our bodies bathing suit ready!

According to the July issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine, a new study at Stanford University found that people who used gadgets like an iPhones or a BlackBerry to monitor their fitness routines were likely to actually stick to a routine.

Interesting… huh?

The researchers for this study divided 37 non-exercisers into 2 groups:

The first group of exercisers was prompted twice a day by a digital assistant (i.e. iPhone, BlackBerry, email) to record their activity levels and set exercise goals. If they didn’t respond to the prompts, they received 3 more alerts at 30-minute intervals.

The second group was given sets of exercise educational handouts to follow, with the hope that the exercisers would work out on their own.

The findings?

After 8 weeks, the first group had exercised about 5 hours per week; the second group had exercised for only 2 hours.

So… looks like there may be something to having a digital assistant jump-start your fitness motivation!

What do you think?

Do you need your exercise to be digitally enhanced, or do you have what it takes to go for it on your own?