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meditating_business_man_web.jpgTime is something of which none of us seems to have enough. We live in a fast-paced world of new technologies designed to keep us moving faster and faster. Such things as microwave ovens, cell phones and high-speed internet allow us to accomplish our tasks in less time, but instead of enjoying this savings, most of us just add more responsibilities to our day.

Far too many entrepreneurs are too busy trying to become successful and are not enjoying their lives in the present. The thought that one day they will achieve their goal of owning that big house or earning that huge salary drives people to work for the future and in the mean time, their life in the present suffers. The truth is, working long hours won’t make you a success, and is more likely to result in burn-out. Experts agree that the majority of successful people aren’t workaholics; they are individuals that are simply more efficient. In other words, they work smarter, not harder. The following are a few simple steps that will not only allow you to simplify your life, but will allow you to live a more accomplished life as well.

Step 1 – Set your priorities and live by them. For many, family and friends are their main priorities, and yet they spend far too much time working overtime in the hopes that one day, they will be successful and have the time to spend with their family. Make your priorities your focus for today, not only for tomorrow. Make it a point to spend more quality time doing the things that are important to you now.

Step 2 – Change your vision of success. Success is not about owning fancy cars, having a big corner office or earning a massive salary, it’s about being happy in both work and family life. You can be filthy rich and your family life can be a failure. Finding the balance in your life that allows you to feel accomplished and rewarded at the office, and yet, still leaves significant time to spend with family and friends will make you feel like a success.

Step 3 – Acknowledge that how others view success isn’t your vision of success. If you are doing a job that you absolutely love, and that gives you the time you need to spend with your family, then it shouldn’t matter what others think. If others are judging your success based on the size of your house or wallet, let them judge and disregard their opinions. Focus on what is important to you. If you feel happy and accomplished, then you are a success.

Step 4 – Learn to delegate. According to the AOL Jobs website, successful people are efficient people. They are more efficient because they have learned how to prioritize and delegate. Learn to let go of some of the tasks you enjoy least, and if possible, delegate them to an employee. If you don’t have employees, then consider outsourcing. There are very few tasks that cannot be outsourced today. If you don’t like bookkeeping or invoicing, contract that work to a bookkeeper, if it is administrative work or updating web sites that you dislike, outsource to a Virtual Assistant or Web Designer. If these are not feasible for you, there are other ways to simplify your life by delegating. Assign chores at home by getting the kids involved, many grocery stores will deliver groceries saving you an hour or more per week. There are also many time-saving programs that will help you to become more efficient, such as autoresponders and accounting software.

Step 5 – Organize everything. One of the main keys to efficiency is organization. Work will get finished faster and be of better quality if you are organized. Put everything in its place, file everyday and organize your computer files, desktop icons and bookmarks. Being able to find something when you need it will allow you to save a great deal of time and will undoubtedly simplify your life and allow you more time for your priorities.

There are countless ways that you can simplify your life while still achieving your goals. Slowing down your fast paced life doesn’t mean you are giving up your work-related ambitions. Focusing on being more efficient by working smarter, not longer and harder, will allow you to succeed in all areas of your life.

Kelly Sims is a Virtual Assistant and Owner of Virtually There VA Services. While you’re there, don’t forget to sign up for her free monthly newsletter providing useful information that enhances and simplifies the lives of busy entrepreneurs.


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