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Every week I spend over $200 at the grocery store. It’s just too much, especially with the prices of gas – and everything else! – on the rise.

So what does the money go to?

Truth be told, I don’t have a clue. I run in, buy the things I “need”… and head home. Basically it comes down to trying to get in and out as fast as can be!

But all that will be changing. I’m getting smart.

I have found Stephanie Nelson, founder of… who just may become my new best friend.

Nelson states very clearly on her website that the secret to smart shopping is to plan ahead and combine store discounts with coupons.

So yes, it may not be as easy as a fast shopping… BUT, by doing some “strategic shopping” Nelson proves that a family of four can enjoy a healthy diet for $100 per week or less with some simple changes in their buying habits.

What are some of her simple changes?

First, check out your grocery store’s weekly circular. See what is on sale and plan your meals around those foods.

Second, make your list as complete as possible so you won’t be making unnecessary trips to the grocery store. This can lead to impulse buying. Not good.

Third, make simple substitutions and be aware of the actual cost of items.

Forth, know your store’s saving program. Plain and simple. Generally there are discount cards available in most grocery stores, take advantage of this.

For more tips and advice on saving BIG at the grocery store, check out


With 3 boys all in car seats, and one more due any day… it’s difficult to travel in anything other than a van or an SUV. Especially since we want to have more children.

Right now we own a van. It gets us around. The kids have plenty of room. And there’s definitely room for more babies (and kids). All things that I love about our van.

But… filling it up costs over $65.00. And we fill it at least twice a week.

My husband would like to get something that is more economically sound… but I’m not sold on the idea.

I came across this great article on CNN.comSUV owners keep on truckin’ despite gas prices – that truly outlined many of my own points.

What do you think?

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